Tax consultancy including innovative tax efficient strategies and efficient transfer pricing form an integral part of business outcomes. We adopt a “result oriented approach” which is flexible and emphasizes value delivery. It enhances the effect of commercially viable decisions and minimizes the tax burden

Our range of services includes

Corporate Income Tax & Withholdings
  • Advising on corporate income tax planning, advance tax, self assessment
  • Compilation and filing of corporate tax declarations
  • Interaction with tax offices all over India for tax compliance, mitigation of issues raised by tax department
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Special reports & projections for tax planning
  • Support for business incorporations, mergers & acquisition and reorganizations
  • Advising & reviewing on tax withholding responsibilities
  • Computation of monthly TDS.
  • Monthly tax reconciliation of the TDS due and deducted
  • Preparation and deposit of monthly challans on or before the statutory due date.
  • Filing of quarterly E-TDS returns.
  • Filing annual Income Tax returns
International Taxation
  • Taxation of cross border transactions of any nature, application of tax treatise & double taxation avoidance agreements, MAP proceedings
  • Taxation of permanent establishments, royalties & fee for technical services
  • Capital gains liability
  • Project offices of foreign companies in India – setting up of tax structure, obtaining tax determination certificates
  • Attribution of income & profit to Indian operations
Taxation Of Expatriates
  • Advise on liability towards tax in India
  • Modus of payment of taxes in India for expatriates
  • Documentation relating to expatriates in India
  • Valuation of perquisites and benefits
  • Tax return preparation.
  • Follow-up with tax department, certification where required

Transfer Pricing
The transfer pricing provisions require businesses to maintain extensive documentation for supporting their inter-company pricing, especially with reference to third party transactions, comparable on a contemporaneous basis. This obligation along with the quantum of taxes involved and the strategic nature of inter-company pricing makes it necessary for businesses to maintain a robust and defendable transfer pricing documentation. We provide the following services:
  • Understanding your business model, nature of inter-company transactions & identification of inter-company transactions
  • Advice on transfer pricing documentation requirements in multiple jurisdictions contemporaneously
  • Aligning profits with restructured business processes
  • Aligning tax / fiscal and operational models
  • Analytical documentation services
  • Developing coordinated global transfer pricing documentation and defence files consistent with your needs
  • Managing worldwide transfer pricing policies and procedures
  • Obtaining the flexibility to accommodate future business changes
  • Obtaining total visibility across the supply chain through single ownership of inventory
  • Providing assistance with APA requests
  • Responding to a tax authority transfer pricing audit/enquiry
  • Transfer pricing tax audit in prescribed format.

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