We know what makes public private partnerships (PPPs) work. Our hands on project experience, nationally and internationally, provides us with a strong understanding of stakeholder requirements with the skills and expertise needed to help successfully support private financing initiatives.

How we can help
We can provide support at every stage of the PPP process through to contract and financial close to help ensure the success of your procurement process or bidding initiative. Our services include:

PPP Policy development
We have developed an extensive understanding of Government policies in relation to private financing partnerships. Key members of our advisory team have direct national and international experience of private financing policy and this has formed the basis for some of our “best practice” approaches.

Procurement feasibility and Financial modelling
In our approach we consider all procurement strategies in light of clearly established stakeholder objectives to ensure you receive unbiased and independent advice. We assist in framing strategic options and developing decision analysis designed to unlock value through our financial modelling techniques that enable rapid quantitative interpretation of project options and assist in the decision making process. This provides a solid foundation on which to base the decision as to the optimal form of project delivery.

PPP Process management
We have successfully process managed numerous projects from concept stage to implementation. Our project management methodology is deliverable based, scalable, and based on hands on experience. Through our local and international experience we have developed a core set of skills that you will find invaluable for the delivery of PPP projects.

Risk management
Understanding the risks and developing sound mitigation strategies is essential in all projects. PPP engagements are inevitably complex in their organisation and communication requirements particularly when the number of stakeholders increases. We bring strong experience in risk management for the public and private sectors.

Accounting and Tax advice
Accounting and tax issues can often be exceptionally complex in PPP projects. We have considerable experience and understanding of Indian and Global standards and trends which may influence the outcome of PPP projects and have considerable cost implications.

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